I wrote a bit last time on procrastination. I’m going through a weird phase of change in which my philosophy is evolving rapidly and my general priorities are shifting. I’m pretty sure (well I hope at least) it’s all going in a good direction, but here’s where I am now.

Stanford Solar Car Project

Unashamedly stolen from the SSCP website. Click to go there.

In fall quarter 2011, the Stanford Solar Car team is going to Australia – we’re going to race our car across the Australian outback over the course of about 5 days. The race is awkwardly smack bang in the middle of the quarter, which means skipping either the quarter or two fairly critical weeks. At first I was very much against the idea (going overkill on units, getting high grades, blah blah blah), but now I’m thinking very seriously about doing it. In essence, the two main competing priorities here are academic success and epicness, and in my new view of the world, epicness is high up on the list.

In fact, I think that’s how things should be, certainly for myself: my job satisfaction / utility function has large positive partial derivatives wrt epicness at every value of every other parameter. In the words of one of the Solar Car team guys, ‘it’s either going to be epic win or epic fail. But either way it’s going to be supremely epic’. It seems that utility generally has to do with wealth, power and emotional stability, and I think epicness will somehow find a way of satisfying all of the above. Plus epicness is good for street cred (and the resume…)


3 Responses to Epicness

  1. underwood2 says:

    contra: epic beard man

  2. Matt says:

    Go to Australia! I took the quarter off (in the middle of my senior year) and it was totally worth it. The experience is indeed epic because you are driving an impossible vehicle at ridiculous speeds across the most epic landscape on earth. The comraderie between all of the teams is great, and you will be competing in a world-class event with the winning team.
    The sacrifice is totally worth it, and it will bring a whole new perspective to your schoolwork when you get back.

  3. Andrew says:

    It’s cool that you get to go to Australia! It’s even more cool you go to Stanford! :D

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